If You Guess The Price, I'll BUY YOUR DREAM CAR Challenge | Rebecca Zamolo 

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First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "trapped with evil twin in Barbie escape room for 24 hours!" Next Matt and Rebecca created "extreme car chase to reveal secrets with GTA 5 but in real life for 24 hours." Finally the Game Master Network made "eating only one color food for 24 hours challenge." Now Rebecca lost the last challenge so she has to go into RZ Vision. While inside Rebecca is in a world that is transformed into the 70's just like wanda vision. There are 3 challenges just like game shows that are the price is right, 10,000 pyramid and Family Feud. If Rebecca can win the grand prize is RZ twin's vision. So the first game is if you guess the price I'll buy it. Maddie sees her dream car inside and wants it. Also, Rebecca just found out she is a Mom. Meanwhile Matt, Maddie and Rick Noah are competing in who can play the best trick on the other person. Whoever loses has to go into RZ vision next. Do you think Rebecca can win and escape RZ vision in time or will she be trapped forever? Someone is acting sus among us. Who do you think we can trust? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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24. mars. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 2 måneder siden
Make sure Notifications are on so we can save RZ Twin!! Would YOU want to live in the 1970's?
Strawberry stars
Strawberry stars 7 dager siden
GodoFredo Alvarenga
GodoFredo Alvarenga Måned siden
Jasaleen Gonzalez
Jasaleen Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
yass queen as long if you there and i hope you find RZ twin
Salomi Swu
Salomi Swu 2 måneder siden
Karla Santiago
Karla Santiago 2 måneder siden
Hey danyo is doing a bad thinking
william ha
william ha 3 timer siden
tsarsowner 3 timer siden
a car
Harper Summers
Harper Summers 4 timer siden
Jair Geldorp
Jair Geldorp 8 timer siden
A car
Kaliah Morgan
Kaliah Morgan 8 timer siden
rebbac i love you
Pat Lou
Pat Lou 8 timer siden
New car
Andy Pham
Andy Pham 8 timer siden
Break up
Patrick West
Patrick West 9 timer siden
Ashley townsend
Ashley townsend 9 timer siden
Hi love your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Silver & Black Lounge Act
MallyPally 2000
MallyPally 2000 11 timer siden
MallyPally 2000
MallyPally 2000 11 timer siden
RBX Community Developers Official
Ogs only remember how the gm started
Ilhem TOUMI 12 timer siden
The pras is a car
Jacqueline Silva
Jacqueline Silva 13 timer siden
Shawn Buemi
Shawn Buemi 15 timer siden
Hey my name is Lorena and guess what person said your merch is so down below and he says that he said that I can't remember but he says he you have a bad merch I don't think so I just like it I like it but I haven't bought it yet I like it but I haven't bought it yet I'm pretty sure it's pretty cool bye
Michelle Hunter
Michelle Hunter 17 timer siden
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Rebecca i got your mrch
Joselyn Verás
Joselyn Verás 18 timer siden
Little Ricky hahahah I can't stop laughing 😂
Ava Smith
Ava Smith 18 timer siden
Car! Love you vids
Michelle Exum-Woods
Michelle Exum-Woods 20 timer siden
Reveal their secrets right now
Amelia Trofatter
Amelia Trofatter 20 timer siden
I think the prize is a Tesla
Michelle Exum-Woods
Michelle Exum-Woods 20 timer siden
A car
Rebecca I know you were in the 1970s but you should choose one stand for this clock
Sarah Benoit
Sarah Benoit Dag siden
Jeff Wong
Jeff Wong Dag siden
You know this denial is evil denial
Calleigh Duquesne Arabit
im a girl
siriah boxu
siriah boxu Dag siden
Matt is really bad and a little nice
Gicela Torres
Gicela Torres Dag siden
I knew it was a car
Ashlyn Robinson
Ashlyn Robinson Dag siden
Naktia Allen
Naktia Allen Dag siden
No I would not like to live in the 1970s
Naktia Allen
Naktia Allen Dag siden
Hi Rebecca I just subscribed
Skyy Semple
Skyy Semple Dag siden
Skyy Semple
Skyy Semple Dag siden
Cayleb Chase
Cayleb Chase Dag siden
Whatever that guys name is I know it’s agent d
Tylers ReptileLife
The prize is a car
Melba Edgin
Melba Edgin Dag siden
Tracy Morrissey
Tracy Morrissey Dag siden
I think it is a car
Bellah Debra
Bellah Debra Dag siden
a car
Eileen Prendergast
Hi Rebecca I was so close to the clos
gaming roblox
gaming roblox Dag siden
Matt has your secrets Rebecca and maddie
gaming roblox
gaming roblox Dag siden
Daniel there was a zamfam merch and I know he's evil Daniel
carlamarie Fletcher
If you pause it on 21:35 you’ll see scrabble
David Cabral
David Cabral Dag siden
he is finding your secrets in the trash can now who says he's asking if it if he wants us to ask him if he can read it
lynne joycey
lynne joycey 2 dager siden
No h
lynne joycey
lynne joycey 2 dager siden
rujuta joshi
rujuta joshi 2 dager siden
no matt
Hanan Irshad
Hanan Irshad 2 dager siden
Hanan Irshad
Hanan Irshad 2 dager siden
Hanan Irshad
Hanan Irshad 2 dager siden
Nency Tjendra
Nency Tjendra 2 dager siden
Ee xien Sammi ng
Ee xien Sammi ng 2 dager siden
yes I'm will be mad at MATT
Chloe dahan
Chloe dahan 2 dager siden
Chloe dahan
Chloe dahan 2 dager siden
I am a girl and yes
cheldia tan
cheldia tan 2 dager siden
Prathana Tamang
Prathana Tamang 2 dager siden
What is your Secret
Dani-Maree Savage
Dani-Maree Savage 2 dager siden
Rececca daniel is bad he is lying to the zamfam he is not howe u think he is he is evil daneil
rusty Tyler
rusty Tyler 2 dager siden
I want to present some videos he said it was horrible but he said he loves channel
Jodi Ava
Jodi Ava 2 dager siden
A car 🚘
Maggie Herr
Maggie Herr 2 dager siden
Nicole. Torres Rodriguez
Cadhla McKenna
Cadhla McKenna 2 dager siden
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright 2 dager siden
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright 2 dager siden
Trinity Miller
Trinity Miller 2 dager siden
Gabby Garcia
Gabby Garcia 2 dager siden
Laci Payne
Laci Payne 2 dager siden
Omar Yasin
Omar Yasin 2 dager siden
Yes I would be mad at Matt
Leia Burke
Leia Burke 2 dager siden
Elliott Townend Cards
Elliott Townend Cards 2 dager siden
A car
Rosemary Kubadidi
Rosemary Kubadidi 2 dager siden
Leo Likes Soccer7
Leo Likes Soccer7 2 dager siden
The piz is a car
بلعاب تار
بلعاب تار 2 dager siden
gakinpetide 2 dager siden
I knew that the soda is five cents like a quarter even though I was born in 2014
Sue Walters
Sue Walters Dag siden
I was born in 2012
Ee xien Sammi ng
Ee xien Sammi ng 2 dager siden
I'm older than you too 哈哈
Ee xien Sammi ng
Ee xien Sammi ng 2 dager siden
i was bron in 2012
G-sevan yamu
G-sevan yamu 2 dager siden
I was born in 2013 so that means I’m older than you
Amanda Keener
Amanda Keener 2 dager siden
Deseria Barelle
Deseria Barelle 2 dager siden
叶儒萱Carolyn Yap
叶儒萱Carolyn Yap 2 dager siden
叶儒萱Carolyn Yap
叶儒萱Carolyn Yap 2 dager siden
Jimmy gaming
Jimmy gaming 3 dager siden
Miel3204 Carvajal
Miel3204 Carvajal 3 dager siden
Rebaca Matt found your secret?
veda's fun time
veda's fun time 3 dager siden
This is like famliy
Saanvi Pardeshi
Saanvi Pardeshi 3 dager siden
Car 🚗🚙🛻
Justin Watson
Justin Watson 3 dager siden
Chauna Petrin
Chauna Petrin 3 dager siden
A car
Raymi Migenes-Patel
Raymi Migenes-Patel 3 dager siden
Julietadykjnjj Usiiy8uy
matthew Villanueva
matthew Villanueva 3 dager siden
Natalia Angulo
Natalia Angulo 3 dager siden
Lion sjin tjoe Shaista
Hi Rebecca
Mark Wheat
Mark Wheat 3 dager siden
A. Car
gaby de santiago
gaby de santiago 3 dager siden
Megan Hall
Megan Hall 3 dager siden
The grand prize is a car
lionel sanchez
lionel sanchez 3 dager siden
Karen Burns
Karen Burns 3 dager siden
🚘 car
Angelica da
Angelica da 3 dager siden
A car
Francisco Fernandes
Francisco Fernandes 3 dager siden
A car
Shannon Freestone
Shannon Freestone 3 dager siden
Rim Dias
Rim Dias 3 dager siden
Daniel told that's what I need😡??
rodolfo rincon
rodolfo rincon 3 dager siden
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