Preston Crashed our Prom inside our HOUSE! 

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First Rebecca Zamolo created "I got proposed to on a unicorn for prom!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca said yes!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying yes to evil Daniel for 24 hours challenge." Now it is finally the big day. Prom is here. We get to celebrate winning this moment and challenge with J15 magazine. Maddie will reveal her secret prom date. Maybe this is her new crush? Matt's best friend brings a surprise crush to prom and might get his first kiss. Rebecca has two dates, her amazing husband and her ex boyfriend who mysteriously found her. Whichever couple wins the most challenges will be King and Queen. First is a fashion show. Next is couples dancing and Matt and Rebecca recreate their viral flash mob. Who do you think will win? This might have been a bad idea. At the end Preston and Brianna crashed the prom. Why is he here? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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1. mai. 2021





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Brianna Måned siden
This won't be the last time we crash your prom 😉💃✨
Randell Rimmer
Randell Rimmer 15 timer siden
How are you doing any better
Eugenia. Christavella
Eugenia. Christavella 9 dager siden
USB EIMITE CHANNEL 18 dager siden
The enemy is brianna in prestion
Ervin Garcia
Ervin Garcia 20 dager siden
joe devaney
joe devaney 22 dager siden
I subed to all of year channels and preston
Anaya Feroz
Anaya Feroz 2 timer siden
Eva is Evlin
Isabella F
Isabella F 7 timer siden
If push Maddie
Aaron crusan
Aaron crusan 7 timer siden
Preston is going to crush the prom too
Aaron crusan
Aaron crusan 7 timer siden
A RHS walked by
Aaron crusan
Aaron crusan 7 timer siden
Brinna is going to crush the prom.
madisyn salvador
madisyn salvador 7 timer siden
yes you do
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright 8 timer siden
Rebecca her dress looks so great how dress looks so great Rebecca emoji heart because it was so cool I wish I had an address like Rebecca and a crown
Vickie Grigg
Vickie Grigg 9 timer siden
I actually did not know that was coming. 🙊🙊🙊
Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook 11 timer siden
I saw someone wearing red in the back when Daniel was looking for RZ are you twin when you're sitting by the truck by the window and I love you love Maddy dress
Sarah Gao
Sarah Gao 11 timer siden
Sarah Gao
Sarah Gao 11 timer siden
Celine Okafor
Celine Okafor 13 timer siden
You aren't trusted
Celine Okafor
Celine Okafor 13 timer siden
Shut up Rick Noah
Lucie Purtic
Lucie Purtic 15 timer siden
how fun
Francisco Cruz
Francisco Cruz 16 timer siden
She did maddie
จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม
I knew it was maybe Brianna but definitely Preston
Joe schiermeister
Joe schiermeister 18 timer siden
I love you
Beslote you have Alemayehu
Eve is evilyn
Spy ninjas yeet
Spy ninjas yeet 20 timer siden
When the boys talking in tiny house I saw RHS passing by
Scarleth Delgadov
Scarleth Delgadov 21 time siden
yeah some in red
rsb3201 21 time siden
Hi Rabecca and bri
Tynequia Taviere
Tynequia Taviere 22 timer siden
Hey a ira
Nithiyasri Loganathan
What. The. Rl. Biranna. Omg. Yea. I. Love you. Girl
Nicole Zafra
Nicole Zafra Dag siden
Hahahaha Brianna 🤣😂😂
Nicole Zafra
Nicole Zafra Dag siden
Wow 2 Bf
Mason Hand
Mason Hand Dag siden
The 2nd one is her ex
ofa tukuafu
ofa tukuafu Dag siden
Prom Squad
Ruby o
Ruby o Dag siden
Eva is evily
sarah miller
sarah miller Dag siden
Prom squad
Yuna Low
Yuna Low Dag siden
I already subed
Retika Pokhrel
Retika Pokhrel Dag siden
This is my favorite video that you guys ever made
Davalyne Paden
Davalyne Paden Dag siden
Sorry for u matt
shay9322 shay9322
When the he was showing is green oufit in the window there was someone outside
flyway1975 Dag siden
Eve is shout for evealine and eve pushed maddie
Clown squad
Narwal Plays
Narwal Plays Dag siden
Bri I am a fan
Jennie Nichols
Jennie Nichols Dag siden
Behind Daniel there was a red hood spy
pretty girl
pretty girl Dag siden
I love this is cute
Jennie Nichols
Jennie Nichols Dag siden
Behind Matt and Daniel and Rick Noah there was a red hood spy
adorosz20 Dag siden
Carolyn Warnock
Carolyn Warnock Dag siden
Rebecca someone crashes the their gamer
Kerstin Porter
Kerstin Porter Dag siden
That is lie decorater Mixter sorry if I spelled it wrong lol
Harley Lindsay
Harley Lindsay Dag siden
Boyfriend Pizza Hut
Charles Ferguson
prom squad
Frankie Fruits
Frankie Fruits Dag siden
Prom squad
Ellie Bell
Ellie Bell Dag siden
Rick Noah's date is Evelyn
Omrila Bhudram
Omrila Bhudram Dag siden
I think eva is Eileen because she is super sus
Sam Spillane
Sam Spillane Dag siden
yeah she pushed you
Shanaye Liburd
Shanaye Liburd 2 dager siden
prarm squad
barry hudson
barry hudson 2 dager siden
preston=Destroy prom
barry hudson
barry hudson 2 dager siden
Prom sqaud
Hilda Stewart
Hilda Stewart 2 dager siden
who else ships Rick noah+Maddie cause I do
Julie Rodriguez
Julie Rodriguez 2 dager siden
Lesly Revolledo
Lesly Revolledo 2 dager siden
eve is evilyn
Autumn Luscombe
Autumn Luscombe 2 dager siden
OMG Preston and Brianna
Lori Dittmer
Lori Dittmer 2 dager siden
I saw a camera
Don Fighta
Don Fighta 2 dager siden
Prom squad
Tom Mc dermott
Tom Mc dermott 2 dager siden
There he is a again
Eudora Zhou
Eudora Zhou 2 dager siden
Eve is Evilyn, the ghost in your house.
Aneta Dubiel
Aneta Dubiel 2 dager siden
Prom squad
Margo Tynan
Margo Tynan 2 dager siden
Eve is the evil ghost aka Evelyn
John R
John R 2 dager siden
Casey Huval
Casey Huval 2 dager siden
Prom squad
Daniele Thomas
Daniele Thomas 2 dager siden
It was lie detector juice
Daniele Thomas
Daniele Thomas 2 dager siden
Prom squad
Rinath adkins
Rinath adkins 2 dager siden
Rebecca tell Matt and Maddie there’s going to be true NOsectionsrs going to be there and I watch this video is for it’s going to be Preston and Brianna
Doris Bian
Doris Bian 2 dager siden
Vikram veekshita
Vikram veekshita 3 dager siden
Is that Evelyn
Vikram veekshita
Vikram veekshita 3 dager siden
The ghost
The magical frog ♡
The magical frog ♡ 3 dager siden
Jayne Persian
Jayne Persian 3 dager siden
Beatriz Tavares
Beatriz Tavares 3 dager siden
There was a someone with a red suit I think he or she I kingpin.
Marcos Plays
Marcos Plays 3 dager siden
Brianna i am a big fan
Hattie Campbell
Hattie Campbell 3 dager siden
Ezarelle’s Awesome
Ezarelle’s Awesome 3 dager siden
Rebecca and Brianna bad news Briannas husband does not like your Merch
Meghan McBride
Meghan McBride 3 dager siden
Prom squad
Ava Tromp
Ava Tromp 3 dager siden
eve is evelyne
Molly Webb
Molly Webb 3 dager siden
I've seen your wedding flash mob
Vasile Gumaniuc
Vasile Gumaniuc 3 dager siden
They were like. Fbi open up they break the door😐
Erin Patterson
Erin Patterson 3 dager siden
Who new its was bri and preston
rolanda bunbury
rolanda bunbury 3 dager siden
But I was sickI really love your videos Rebecca❤️
Jacquelyn M'modzi
Jacquelyn M'modzi 3 dager siden
She said she had a date
rolanda bunbury
rolanda bunbury 3 dager siden
I really love your videos Rebecca
Rebecca Hancock
Rebecca Hancock 3 dager siden
Did anyone else see the red flash by the window
Hayden Crofton
Hayden Crofton 3 dager siden
Because I swear I saw them
Hayden Crofton
Hayden Crofton 3 dager siden
Where the red hood spies were in your window
Antoine Young
Antoine Young 3 dager siden
"lose my shoes" what does that mean?
Lilly Rosey
Lilly Rosey 3 dager siden
avril lol
avril lol 3 dager siden
This is so terrible but Matt is funny!
Tori Palencia
Tori Palencia 3 dager siden
Eve is evilyn
Shanise Foster
Shanise Foster 4 dager siden
They are selfish
Natalie Cantarella
Natalie Cantarella 4 dager siden
this is the best TV ever :)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan and Emily Cvet
Ok Brianna
Alan Sayyae
Alan Sayyae 4 dager siden
I saw red at the door!!
Lisa McDermott
Lisa McDermott 4 dager siden
I still eat push you yes I did Eve push you
Isabelle Nook
Isabelle Nook 4 dager siden
Who else saw someone in a *red hood* walking outside the house
Always Teagan jean Klingenberg
Yes I agree with Maddie eve is not nice at all