LUCKY vs UNLUCKY to TRAP HACKER Challenge in Dollhouse 

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Face reveal of the Queen. First Rebecca Zamolo created "How to Become a NERD at SCHOOL for 24 Hours Trapped." Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "FACE REVEAL of KINGPIN - Lie Detector Test after 24 Hours Trapped \u0026 Summer Schooled." Finally the Game Master Network made "TELLING the GAME MASTER the TRUTH about his SISTER." Now to decide who has to trap the hacker, Queen of Gems, in the Dollhouse we are doing the lucky vs unlucky challenge. If you lose you are unlucky and if you win you are lucky. It is like a Noob vs Pro vs Hacker Challenge in real life. Maddie has a secret she is keeping again but no one knows. Each challenge creates funny situations. It is relatable how awkward it gets. Do you think this plan will work and if Daniel can use his hacks the timing might be perfect. If we see her face what will she look like and who could it be? Everyone is acting sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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9. juni. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 3 dager siden
Who do you think will trap the Queen of Gems? Watch us as Nerds after this for a virtual hug! nosections.info/green/mq6gb5N8n32IlqY/video.html
Arron skinner
Arron skinner Dag siden
lql_owl 3 dager siden
I love you Rebecca
lql_owl 3 dager siden
I love you Rebecca
lql_owl 3 dager siden
Avonni Wilson
Avonni Wilson 3 dager siden
an rhs was behind danlie
Shadow Hazeem 1432
Shadow Hazeem 1432 48 minutter siden
I meant red hood spy
Shadow Hazeem 1432
Shadow Hazeem 1432 49 minutter siden
There is a red spy
Annah Kinyua
Annah Kinyua 58 minutter siden
I want the GMN books
Zahabiya Zahid
Zahabiya Zahid Time siden
done i also liked \
ameilaamazing jasmin
i see a red hood spy in the bushes
altikriti Time siden
I think it's laki i love you rebbeka
Millie Wigington
Millie Wigington 2 timer siden
potatø berry
potatø berry 2 timer siden
Best way to contact is by my channel
TheGeorchan 2 timer siden
Can you be the luckiest one goes because the unlucky well get taken
Jessica Holland
Jessica Holland 2 timer siden
I love.yore Chanelgs. I'm a fam
Brielle Sav
Brielle Sav 3 timer siden
I have been subcribed for 2 years can I get a game master network book my brother said He will get It for my birthday In 2 days now But It is 12 dollars please can I win it I love your channels
Celia Calvillo
Celia Calvillo 3 timer siden
Glitter is unlucky
Johnny Lopez
Johnny Lopez 3 timer siden
I love you rabeca 😘
ZOEE SMITH 4 timer siden
Lexi E
Lexi E 4 timer siden
Jessica Sarabia
Jessica Sarabia 5 timer siden
rebbeca tell matt and maddie u gowing to my house but u will get mail on monday goodluck
Marincan Silalahi
Marincan Silalahi 6 timer siden
I realy want your books but I am in indonesia
Kate Asinas
Kate Asinas 6 timer siden
I won game master books?
Andrew Marion
Andrew Marion 6 timer siden
Maddie and Rebecca
Jennifer Dela Peña
Jennifer Dela Peña 6 timer siden
Andrew Marion
Andrew Marion 6 timer siden
Brittany Girven
Brittany Girven 6 timer siden
Every time there’s Someone behind her she gets goosebumps
Mahya Martinez
Mahya Martinez 7 timer siden
Glitter means that you're lucky lucky
erin miller
erin miller 7 timer siden
I love the game master network.
sara anderson
sara anderson 7 timer siden
matt do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Hale
Andrew Hale 7 timer siden
You have the worst of NOsections channel
Stephy Williams
Stephy Williams 8 timer siden
Stephy Williams
Stephy Williams 8 timer siden
I sought on Ari JessI don’t know the name of the person but it’s the beanie is hacking
Glenn Rankin
Glenn Rankin 8 timer siden
Glitter is lucky rose pedals are lucky but mat..
Nori McCracken
Nori McCracken 8 timer siden
I saw the red guy in the brush!
Nori McCracken
Nori McCracken 8 timer siden
Gracie Flores
Gracie Flores 9 timer siden
Yes it’s lucky
SamanthaRoyale 9 timer siden
I would not kiss that cat fish 😂
The Godlewski Sisters
The Godlewski Sisters 9 timer siden
Hi everyone We will do something fun in a little while keeps saying updated on our videos!
Elizabeth Gonzales
Elizabeth Gonzales 9 timer siden
Matt is so mean
Natalie Bring me a cheesy rollup MacDonald
Queen of gems is king pen also
Natalie Bring me a cheesy rollup MacDonald
I think I saw like some Arm pit hairs
Lucero Mejia
Lucero Mejia 9 timer siden
Rebecca got ghost bumps or whatever. Cauze one RHS was behind rebecca😬
Koko Vee
Koko Vee 10 timer siden
What 💩😐
Rex Shope
Rex Shope 10 timer siden
Mireya Rosales
Mireya Rosales 10 timer siden
Tracey Van welie
Tracey Van welie 11 timer siden
I can't believe Matt let the queen of gems go last vid
Tracey Van welie
Tracey Van welie 11 timer siden
O my gosh
Thierry Mandjila
Thierry Mandjila 11 timer siden
Tootz 11 timer siden
on tik tok cousinpage can i pls have it plssssssssss
Kori Johansen
Kori Johansen 11 timer siden
Can you do more videos with peanut in blackjack
Autume Gollon
Autume Gollon 11 timer siden
Pat Wilmer
Pat Wilmer 11 timer siden
I want to get the book
Klhoe Barreto
Klhoe Barreto 11 timer siden
when rebbcca gets goosbumps it beacuse humen or near
Eva Ruacho
Eva Ruacho 11 timer siden
Pick me pls I need it pls pls
Laura Herrera
Laura Herrera 12 timer siden
Víctor ha ido Your Bicos ver oooh eres Apple Pay
Nayeli Cardenas
Nayeli Cardenas 12 timer siden
Darleny Espinoza
Darleny Espinoza 12 timer siden
I want the book i Don't have onda😭😔
lexi found
lexi found 12 timer siden
Lyndeisha Gator
Lyndeisha Gator 12 timer siden
You matt
Lissa Roberto
Lissa Roberto 12 timer siden
Hoy fury thigh th
Kirby House
Kirby House 12 timer siden
Narvaez Family
Narvaez Family 12 timer siden
teanna thompson
teanna thompson 12 timer siden
I liked this video
I am the best Best
I am the best Best 12 timer siden
Hah nerd
❤️Robertha Budree❤️
I liked the video
Tilisha Thompson
Tilisha Thompson 13 timer siden
I liked the video and the others
Letti Gruver
Letti Gruver 13 timer siden
I didn't finish it
Player Gaming
Player Gaming 13 timer siden
rigt behind danile was archey chest
Eastsid3_jay 83
Eastsid3_jay 83 13 timer siden
I saw him
Connie Bevil
Connie Bevil 13 timer siden
Kaufman 13 timer siden
My little sister REALLY REALLY LOVES your videos and would love a shout out! Her name is Reagan and we would BOTH really love that. So please think about it. 🥰 oh and just so you know my sister and I subscribed 😉
Vanessa Portillo
Vanessa Portillo 13 timer siden
Rebecca we all saw the Rhs and when Daniel was next to the pool there was a Rhs there too
Winiefer Hernandez
Winiefer Hernandez 13 timer siden
RHS was watching you guys
Shuizhen Zheng
Shuizhen Zheng 13 timer siden
Matt put in the two side penny
Ofo Simeki
Ofo Simeki 13 timer siden
I all ways see the rhs all the time
Cillian horgan 😊
Cillian horgan 😊 13 timer siden
When you got goosebumps there was a RHS behind you
Abdul Malik
Abdul Malik 14 timer siden
Matt has to do the challenge
Dottie Qwerty
Dottie Qwerty 14 timer siden
I I want a Game Master.
Malak Jamaat
Malak Jamaat 14 timer siden
Glitter and ROZES are lucky
Lewis dryburgh
Lewis dryburgh 14 timer siden
JAMAICAN playlist
JAMAICAN playlist 14 timer siden
Jade mc donnell
Jade mc donnell 15 timer siden
Hi hi hi I hope I get a book
Eric Pinero
Eric Pinero 15 timer siden
Lilly Taillefer
Lilly Taillefer 15 timer siden
The red hood was sneaking in though your bushes and went towards the little house.evilin keepet the house away so queen of gems found it.
Miggins Crosby
Miggins Crosby 15 timer siden
I love when Matt put on dresses whose with me
Micah Sison
Micah Sison 15 timer siden
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 15 timer siden
IN robbie robs vision I saw a rhs
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 15 timer siden
Cristal Diaz
Cristal Diaz 15 timer siden
I want a gamemaster book
Safiyo ahmed
Safiyo ahmed 15 timer siden
You are the best go gm
Blake Wilks
Blake Wilks 15 timer siden
I want a crop top my size is 7-8 I really want one my house number is 7773
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 15 timer siden
A wood cabin like make over
Maya Kahlon-Barzilay
Maya Kahlon-Barzilay 15 timer siden
Still Graham
Miggins Crosby
Miggins Crosby 15 timer siden
The way how that filter come up on maddi that was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leticia Angel
Leticia Angel 15 timer siden
Cheychey Nieman
Cheychey Nieman 15 timer siden
When you where doung do not pull the ring rope the queen of gems was watching u trew the gate
McKenzie Dampier
McKenzie Dampier 16 timer siden
Kaleigh Jones
Kaleigh Jones 16 timer siden
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 16 timer siden
I new Rebecca was going to pick pink
Jamie Pipkin
Jamie Pipkin 16 timer siden
There's a rhs at your house
Catherine M
Catherine M 16 timer siden
Ok. Now huh Red is the only thing that has been doing for me since then you have
Disney songs With Auhbree
Matt you lost you have to do it ok ok
chi tung Tsui
chi tung Tsui 16 timer siden
But Matt do never say he petty like a doll
I Customized A School
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