I Became a Triplet with Merrell Twins for 24 Hours 

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First Rebecca Zamolo created "I Got ARRESTED On My WEDDING Day!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca Quit the Game Master Network and Instantly Regrets it." Finally the Game Master Network made "We Can't Find Rebecca, Is She Missing?" Now Rebecca wakes up at Piper Rockelle's house and wants to join. It was a sleepover. Piper and her boyfriend and friends trick Rebecca by putting her bed in the pool. They try trending tik toks and squad games but it doesn't work out. Next Rebecca tries to join the Merrell Twins by using twin telepathy. Next they do a viral tik tok with Starbucks and an original song. But Paul didn't like Rebecca and kicks her out. Finally she is the personal assistant for Jordan Matter in a 10 minute photo challenge. Do you think she can win in this challenge? Or do you think she will be without a squad forever with no best friends? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

My friends in this video:
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Merrell Twins nosections.info...
Jordan Matter nosections.info...

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12. mai. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Måned siden
Will Rebecca chose the right squad! SUBSCRIBE if you're team ZAMFAM!
Toreigh Sini filemoni
Toreigh Sini filemoni 7 timer siden
@Тоmmуinnit way are you meme
Sarah Gregory
Sarah Gregory Dag siden
Christina Marie Shelton
Hay red
Jamilla Joanne
Jamilla Joanne 5 dager siden
ima ship youu
ima ship youu 12 dager siden
yes it was a a little bit lol but 📪📝
Redsea 38 minutter siden
Love merril twins and rebbeca always by my side this is soli
Bella Cutie
Bella Cutie 2 timer siden
Jordan matter
Angela Zamudio
Angela Zamudio 4 timer siden
hi reb
N_ Pierre
N_ Pierre 8 timer siden
You really pulled off that wig though I like it
Mahlayna Knox
Mahlayna Knox 10 timer siden
I love it when you say hi were triplets we do everything in three's and when we go to Starbucks we say triple ventyes plz
Siti aisyah
Siti aisyah 15 timer siden
Hi how can I
Siti aisyah
Siti aisyah 15 timer siden
Lebohang Mokhosi
Lebohang Mokhosi 16 timer siden
You must go to Piper rockelle squad
Ne'Arie Parish
Ne'Arie Parish 18 timer siden
I'm subbed to the merrell twins
Zainab Hafsa
Zainab Hafsa 19 timer siden
My favourate is tiktok
ariana panchmatia
ariana panchmatia 19 timer siden
My favourite is tick-tock
Pao Proal
Pao Proal 22 timer siden
I love piper rockelle I watch her videos all the time. And she,s pretty beautiful.
ragomez1989 Dag siden
Adaway right and you Desta
Sharon Coffey
Sharon Coffey Dag siden
Sharon Coffey
Sharon Coffey Dag siden
hii me
Samantha Weihrauch
Rebecca you are being weird
Nayab Jainul
Nayab Jainul Dag siden
Hi Reb
Zahra Hossain
Zahra Hossain Dag siden
Your nick name should be Rebec
Parvin Muhammad
Parvin Muhammad Dag siden
Tik tok
Annie & Toy Fun
Annie & Toy Fun 2 dager siden
Jordan matter
Mal  Green
Mal Green 2 dager siden
Jordan matter ya
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez 2 dager siden
Realmente me gusta que te guste la vida y no lo haga con el que me ha puesto
Leen Ashour
Leen Ashour 3 dager siden
Piper quit mean
Maria Beidak
Maria Beidak 3 dager siden
If she wasn’t that crazy the twins would let her in their house
Limeypops 3 dager siden
Rebbeca:I stalked their Instagram but not in a creepy way Also her:*stalks merraltwins Instagram cutely*
DL2x Fant
DL2x Fant 3 dager siden
This is it right
Kristina Marois
Kristina Marois 3 dager siden
Ter Z 771 ??7716
Jazlynn young
Jazlynn young 3 dager siden
Rebecca my favorite social media is tik tok ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
LONDON GOODE 3 dager siden
Stacy Yelton
Stacy Yelton 3 dager siden
Tik tok is my favorite To
lilvietnamoc 3 dager siden
Shut up
Myricka Adams
Myricka Adams 3 dager siden
DREANNA THOMPSON 3 dager siden
okay reb .??????????
DREANNA THOMPSON 3 dager siden
Rebecca Rick Noah he did it
helen watkins
helen watkins 3 dager siden
Tok tik
Orlaith rose
Orlaith rose 3 dager siden
Jordan matter
Mohammed Shafiq
Mohammed Shafiq 3 dager siden
Still learning Drawer99
Really Reb R
Kasia Fabis
Kasia Fabis 3 dager siden
It's a trick rebecca isnt working for kingpin she is with Jordan matter!!
hi bye
hi bye 3 dager siden
Tik Tok
Yousef Jbarah
Yousef Jbarah 3 dager siden
Shane Keeling
Shane Keeling 3 dager siden
Alexis Lauren
Alexis Lauren 3 dager siden
Do it if you do it your life will be over so I got do you do NOsections that’s because you’re call swine ninja I’m sorry I can’t find ninjas so you can’t you can go in the store you can beat the people but I love you
Raymond Moseley
Raymond Moseley 3 dager siden
Raed Fakhr
Raed Fakhr 4 dager siden
I loved the tic tok she did with merril twins
Victoria Sinipata
Victoria Sinipata 4 dager siden
you should go back to matt
High Speed Jace
High Speed Jace 4 dager siden
go now
High Speed Jace
High Speed Jace 4 dager siden
Makieu Alghali
Makieu Alghali 4 dager siden
xiomara mendoza
xiomara mendoza 4 dager siden
Rebecca I have a game it’s so fun and m all the level
Chloe Richard
Chloe Richard 4 dager siden
Tic tok
Sunflower Treasure
Sunflower Treasure 4 dager siden
he is from dar man
Sunflower Treasure
Sunflower Treasure 4 dager siden
also the guys in the white shirt
Sunflower Treasure
Sunflower Treasure 4 dager siden
OMG the girl in the green skert I follow her and him on tiktok and ofc u
Jmoralee Victoria
Jmoralee Victoria 4 dager siden
KAZI KINGS 4 dager siden
Sylvia Wood
Sylvia Wood 4 dager siden
I think Rebecca go back to GM anyway mat maddie and Daniel I think you should apologise
HAYLEY HENRY 4 dager siden
Abby lee
Nevaeh Williams
Nevaeh Williams 5 dager siden
Rebecca is not working with king pen if you guys see a video and Rebecca says yes that means king pin just changed it Rebecca actually said no
Dhun's Ideas
Dhun's Ideas 5 dager siden
I am team ZAMFAM. I love you rebbaca
Julianne Asuncion
Julianne Asuncion 5 dager siden
Laurina Daley
Laurina Daley 5 dager siden
You're the best youtuber in the world
Reniyah Chance
Reniyah Chance 5 dager siden
GMN is the best
tianna thompson
tianna thompson 5 dager siden
Jamilla Joanne
Jamilla Joanne 5 dager siden
They didt mean it plssss dont go
Jareth & Alyse
Jareth & Alyse 5 dager siden
Will Rebecca chose the right squad! Subscribe if you’re team Zamfam!
sonia mohamed
sonia mohamed 5 dager siden
ayden your from dhar mannn fam
Margarita Ramirez
Margarita Ramirez 5 dager siden
John matter
Margarita Ramirez
Margarita Ramirez 5 dager siden
Tik tok Gatorade kit kat
Canny Chong
Canny Chong 5 dager siden
Jessica Pendley
Jessica Pendley 5 dager siden
Logan Hunt
Logan Hunt 5 dager siden
Ok Reb
Logan Hunt
Logan Hunt 5 dager siden
The person Maddie gave the video to Working with the RHS so they strangers around and stink all Maddie Daniel Matt said all the bad things
Amber Skinner
Amber Skinner 5 dager siden
You know Merrill twins I can see your screen
Katie Kirwin
Katie Kirwin 5 dager siden
No K. 5686
ItzPatrickPlays 5 dager siden
Im a triplet
Diana Ramirez
Diana Ramirez 5 dager siden
Jays Place
Jays Place 6 dager siden
Is Jeffrey Jordan matter
Dennis Mendoza
Dennis Mendoza 6 dager siden
Rebecca Toms
Rebecca Toms 6 dager siden
become a new teacher a learning senter at fileys dillsburg
Rangel Minchev
Rangel Minchev 6 dager siden
Omg Jordan matter I am a huge fan
Thang Kim
Thang Kim 6 dager siden
Hi Reb
Sashawra morrison
Sashawra morrison 6 dager siden
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 6 dager siden
Hi reb
Skye Parks
Skye Parks 6 dager siden
Skye Parks
Skye Parks 6 dager siden
A For Ali
A For Ali 6 dager siden
I love piper Rockelle
Imran S
Imran S 7 dager siden
sally quach
sally quach 7 dager siden
Jasmine Roman
Jasmine Roman 7 dager siden
It is a cup🤣😍😘😅
Ella Strong
Ella Strong 7 dager siden
You do like yell at the zamfam when your looking at the cam
Big chief Aleshire
Big chief Aleshire 7 dager siden
I love you Rebecca ❤️🥰😍
Sachin Arora76ý
Sachin Arora76ý 7 dager siden
Tik tok
BFF CHANNEL CLUB! 7 dager siden
It is of course Jordan I know him!
Oliver Caceres
Oliver Caceres 7 dager siden
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones 7 dager siden
Jordan matter
vashni karamsingh
vashni karamsingh 7 dager siden
I love pipper i am subcribe pipper
Liliana Oprea
Liliana Oprea 8 dager siden
It was a coffee can. 2611261126112611261126112611261126112611261126112611261126112
People Who Got Caught In 4k
People Who Got Caught In 4k