Surprising MADDIE on FIRST DATE with CRUSH Ben Azelart! 

Ganger 3,9 mill
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Rebecca Zamolo surprises her cousin with Ben Azelart and lives to regret it.

First Rebecca Zamolo created "Being mean to my best friend for 24 hours and surprising her with a dream vacation!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Going through Maddie's private diary to reveal her secret!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Maddie finally reveals her secret, instantly regrets it." Now Maddie is completely made at Rebecca and Matt. Rebecca has a giant surprise for her best friend. She knows her crush Ben Azelart who is best friends with Brent Rivera. If Rebecca can surprise Maddie with her crush inside of his top secret warehouse this might be the trick. Rebecca takes Matt and Maddie and start sneaking into Bens private warehouse. If Maddie knew Rebeccas secret it would crush her. After exploring Rebecca makes up a few challenges to pass the time. Right then Maddie finds Bens ex. Could this be a sign. Matts wins the challenges and decides to have an advantage. How do you think Maddie will react with meeting her crush for the first time. Will they go on a first date crush? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

Ben Azelart - MY NEW HOUSE TOUR!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRvwB...
Ben's channel: nosections.info/mem/wVg...

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17. april. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Måned siden
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Marcus Austin
Marcus Austin 20 dager siden
Manny has a secret tattoo
Kodchakon Supasee
Kodchakon Supasee 23 dager siden
从 架飞机估计房价位不
Robert Osborn
Robert Osborn 24 dager siden
Hi hi hi
Estella Escarcega
Estella Escarcega Måned siden
Stephanie Caudill
Stephanie Caudill Måned siden
Yr fcb unvv
DFGN XFGN Time siden
Izzy1211 8 timer siden
Maaaaaaattttttttttttt you are so mean
Lekh Ar
Lekh Ar 12 timer siden
Maybe Matt did it
Lekh Ar
Lekh Ar 12 timer siden
Yay 😁
Meti Pipa
Meti Pipa 12 timer siden
Jureta Tuinanumea
Jureta Tuinanumea 13 timer siden
Matt wanted to prank her so I’m getting revenge
NotaMonPerson- Roblox
NotaMonPerson- Roblox 14 timer siden
I would be rlly mad if my parents read my diary but i agree Matt does not ave the right to read maddies diary
Kenval Dunkley
Kenval Dunkley 18 timer siden
Nina Poop
Nina Poop 19 timer siden
Ben works whiv the red Hud spys
Skye Iha-Bustamante
Skye Iha-Bustamante 19 timer siden
I wood be so mad
Jelena Rosenthal
Jelena Rosenthal 20 timer siden
In the beginning of the video, Maddie was eating a lot a ice cream 🍨 🍦 and ice cream is dairy
John R. Danaher
John R. Danaher 22 timer siden
The uh uh uh uh wuh uh
Ellora Jade Pattis Hemingway
It is not maddie it is max
Copyright Chloe
Copyright Chloe Dag siden
Ben is my crush….❤️😞🤣🤪
Ysabel Hailey Uy
Owl be mad if mat doesnt apologies to her
Ashley Payton
Ashley Payton Dag siden
I ship maddie and ben
Ashley Payton
Ashley Payton Dag siden
Ohhhhhhh my gosh maddie likes ben
Jasmine Cetot
Jasmine Cetot Dag siden
Yeah it dumb but I have a fiancé 😁❤️💕🥺
Reese Girl
Reese Girl Dag siden
Yuselin Albistur
Jessica 99 Davison
Hmm maddie he's mine
Jessica 99 Davison
But I like Ben more he is Soo handsome with no shirt or hat but with them evennhadsom
Jessica 99 Davison
Rebecca doesn't deserve him
Jessica 99 Davison
Matt is Soo cute
Jessica Salas
Jessica Salas Dag siden
I would be mad if my parents read my diary
Deysi Capetillo
Deysi Capetillo Dag siden
Gis my brother
Deysi Capetillo
Deysi Capetillo Dag siden
Rebeca i no ben azelar
Tiger Wolf
Tiger Wolf Dag siden
That sounds NOTHING like Ben. If he had sent her a text he probably would have said cutie, and OBVIOUSLY would have told her to stay WILD not edgy. Does Rebecca REALLY know him AT ALL?
LINSEY Clark Dag siden
Maddi has a secret tattoo
Hannah Andrade Goulart
LExi. And. Ben our Dating. 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Felicia McNeil
Felicia McNeil Dag siden
You got something on your neck
6655 6655
6655 6655 Dag siden
Maddie got a secret tatto of ben
Lacie Michelle
Lacie Michelle Dag siden
I wold be mad 😡
Lacie Michelle
Lacie Michelle Dag siden
I would get mad
PurPleStuff0420 Dag siden
Then have another question bless your heart
Mariana Magalhaes
Yeah I wod
Jasmine Carbajal
Ben is the with Lexi though
Mohammed Patwary
Eliza Aguilar
Eliza Aguilar Dag siden
Eliza Aguilar
Eliza Aguilar Dag siden
Sophia Rodrgez
Sophia Rodrgez Dag siden
heather Bennett
heather Bennett Dag siden
You should never look in someone's Diary matt😠 u should always respect someone's privacy
Glenn Jordan
Glenn Jordan Dag siden
Yes I would
Debbie Betancourt
Debbie Betancourt 2 dager siden
Your husband did it
Debbie Betancourt
Debbie Betancourt 2 dager siden
i Love Ben
Joseph Saenz
Joseph Saenz 2 dager siden
Nasira Watson
Nasira Watson 2 dager siden
sophia iris san buenaventura
Its was aprank
sophia iris san buenaventura
Its not daiary its matt
Monserrat Arriaga
Monserrat Arriaga 2 dager siden
It was Matt It is Matt It is Matt
alyssa yono
alyssa yono 2 dager siden
Eli Alisa
Eli Alisa 2 dager siden
Maddie like ben
BETELHEM GHIRMAY 2 dager siden
you ore my fefrt youtubebr
Cheri Frost
Cheri Frost 2 dager siden
Lexi is his girlfriend duhh maddie do you even like him
Briella Gonzalez
Briella Gonzalez 2 dager siden
What is wrong with you Matt
Briella Gonzalez
Briella Gonzalez 2 dager siden
Betty Russell
Betty Russell 2 dager siden
I love you Ben 😍
Katie M
Katie M 2 dager siden
How do you how to tattoo of Ben ❤️
Ava T
Ava T 2 dager siden
Rebecca there is a relly bad pempol on the back of u neack
Ava T
Ava T 2 dager siden
Marian Soliman
Marian Soliman 2 dager siden
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado 2 dager siden
Super Sisters
Super Sisters 2 dager siden
Soooooo cuuuuuttttteeeeeeeeee
Super Sisters
Super Sisters 2 dager siden
Super Sisters
Super Sisters 2 dager siden
Uh yes
Leatitia Labuschagne
Leatitia Labuschagne 2 dager siden
Super Sisters
Super Sisters 2 dager siden
Lindsay Henderson Limbu
Rebecca and maddie urm matt did a fantastic prank
Addilyn and lexi Show
Addilyn and lexi Show 2 dager siden
Matt you better apologize to Maddie
Lindsay Henderson Limbu
Queen D454
Queen D454 2 dager siden
Marcy Sturtz
Marcy Sturtz 2 dager siden
Isabel Sewell
Isabel Sewell 2 dager siden
I feel bad for maddie x I hope your okay! 🤍✨
Joujou Joujou
Joujou Joujou 2 dager siden
Malihah Begum
Malihah Begum 2 dager siden
Rebecca there's a red star in the back of your neck! There's also a star on Rick noas right arm. It's a symbol meaning something.
Sofia Marcingute
Sofia Marcingute 2 dager siden
Be bens mom
Abi C singstar
Abi C singstar 2 dager siden
Y es!!!
Haylee SOSZYNSKI 2 dager siden
MADDIE ITS NOT 10K PILLOWS ITS 1K... not a true fan maybe??
李正宽 2 dager siden
Yes yes yes I will be mad
Andrea Hoffmann
Andrea Hoffmann 3 dager siden
I would be mad if my parents read my diary
Daniel Fadenan
Daniel Fadenan Dag siden
I love ❤️
iAmalsoMarki 3 dager siden
Yes it would not be fun if my parents read my diary but they’re house they’re Rules
Zuri Domoe
Zuri Domoe 3 dager siden
She ate icecream.
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 3 dager siden
The fresh competition karunagappally precede because relation formerly guide inside a deranged liquid. acrid, wild canada
Al Short
Al Short 3 dager siden
I would not ship them I ship BEXI
Carmen Villanueva
Carmen Villanueva 3 dager siden
My mom and dad read through my diary to and they saw that I was on a secret date when I said I had a play date and that would so rude!
Kiana Bradford
Kiana Bradford 3 dager siden
Family Pitti
Family Pitti 3 dager siden
You Mat
Yassin Omar
Yassin Omar 3 dager siden
Maddy has a tattoo of ben ❤️
Abby Juhlin
Abby Juhlin 3 dager siden
That was a fricking prank Matt did it she was not farting
Morgan Daniels
Morgan Daniels 3 dager siden
Shhhhhhhhhhhh matt!!!
Morgan Daniels
Morgan Daniels 3 dager siden
Morgan Daniels
Morgan Daniels 3 dager siden
Steven 3 dager siden
She's not farting its mat
Jess Huber
Jess Huber 3 dager siden
Rebecca mat pranked maddie on her blind date with ben
dhriti iyer
dhriti iyer 3 dager siden
Dani Johnson
Dani Johnson 4 dager siden
Charkie 4 dager siden
Ashley Account
Ashley Account 4 dager siden
hey Rebeca how are you
Sophia Chen
Sophia Chen 4 dager siden
Maddie's going crazy
Elder Monzon
Elder Monzon 4 dager siden
Kan-chun-junga pan alguien al husary haz el crush it loxley abby's le vicomte rey recalcó río rock en la ciudad del fútbol haz un pin oak al day o freddie un taxi east sports make up jaime Te quiero maker
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