Extreme Double Date with Sofie Dossi and Dominic Brack- First Kiss with Crush 

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Rebecca Zamolo tricks Sofie Dossi and her crush for their first kiss. First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded iPhone controls my life for 24 hours. Next Matt and Rebecca made worst uber driver on tiny bicycle for 24 hours. Finally Game Master Network created if you stop moving the iPhone is destroyed for 24 hours. Now the Zamfam voted for us to have over Sofie Dossi and Dominic Brack for an extreme double date. It might be intense if the crush gets their first kiss. Sofie starts off with a hand stand bow and arrow trick to see who goes first. When they spin the wheel they eat sushi and reveal secrets. Every time Sofie hears crush she must do the splits. The two couples do the 4 person yoga challenge. Matt surprises everyone with a funny prank. After a few more dares and exciting challenges they finally have to kiss. Will this be the first kiss for the crush? Matt gets jealous and tricks Rebecca into kissing him. Who had the better first date? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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6. mars. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 3 måneder siden
Which dare was the worst? Subscribe if you want anther video with Sofie and Dom!
Adriana Pareja
Adriana Pareja 19 timer siden
I do i do
Eula Vickers
Eula Vickers 8 dager siden
Quit Stave Royal for me
Liliana Hodgeman
Liliana Hodgeman 8 dager siden
I love your video
kim Ward
kim Ward Måned siden
i love you vare muhc form..kimber
Mansi Anand
Mansi Anand Time siden
Dikeledi Machaba
Dikeledi Machaba Time siden
Yoga & Gymanstics ,
Remy Teneyck
Remy Teneyck 10 timer siden
This is horrible
Adriana Pareja
Adriana Pareja 19 timer siden
bbi was spiying
Kara Allen
Kara Allen Dag siden
Sofie and Dom have a crush on each other!
Manuel Larios
Manuel Larios Dag siden
Manuel Larios
Manuel Larios Dag siden
Foenua wodw goenuae fort dofe go
Abraham Ibarra
Abraham Ibarra Dag siden
K S 2 dager siden
Zoe Shelton
Zoe Shelton 2 dager siden
Rebecca I feel sorry for you
Zoe Shelton
Zoe Shelton 2 dager siden
I watch them it’s and it’s called the Dobre Brothers
Zoe Shelton
Zoe Shelton 2 dager siden
Did you guys get Her back yet
Zoe Shelton
Zoe Shelton 2 dager siden
I miss Frankie so much
hg we ek
hg we ek 2 dager siden
Strawberry Typical
Strawberry Typical 2 dager siden
when rebecca's but was in his face 9:30
Daleyza Marquez
Daleyza Marquez 2 dager siden
concepcion garcia
concepcion garcia 3 dager siden
5 seconds
Kayleana Allison
Kayleana Allison 3 dager siden
Crush but I do want them to be a couple they would be so cute
Miguel Tapia
Miguel Tapia 3 dager siden
No the video they printed you guys didn’t make it Matt 😍
Sashawra morrison
Sashawra morrison 4 dager siden
Brian González
Brian González 4 dager siden
Yes Dom and sopfey is girlfriend
Tim Good
Tim Good 5 dager siden
Or spy on them
Tim Good
Tim Good 5 dager siden
Third wheel
Delisha Crockwell
Delisha Crockwell 5 dager siden
You guys should have picked Alexa Rivera and the ben Azelart
ntando games baliso
ntando games baliso 5 dager siden
bandg crac
Mechaella S
Mechaella S 5 dager siden
Yes they do
Mechaella S
Mechaella S 5 dager siden
I don’t even like sushi and I don’t even like it and I feel like gross outOh 🤢 I need to wear a 😷
Mechaella S
Mechaella S 5 dager siden
The sushi gross
Cory Sluzewski
Cory Sluzewski 5 dager siden
I love soedoc
Justin Benson
Justin Benson 5 dager siden
Kylien the gamer
Kylien the gamer 6 dager siden
I ship ,☺️🤗🙂
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed 7 dager siden
The amount of times she said zamfam
Kenz Roberts
Kenz Roberts 7 dager siden
Mark Kopsie
Mark Kopsie 7 dager siden
Tty not to laugh
Lauro Monterroso
Lauro Monterroso 8 dager siden
Rachel McCoy
Rachel McCoy 8 dager siden
There in the backyard
Chloe M
Chloe M 8 dager siden
Crush crush
Hzayne Downer
Hzayne Downer 9 dager siden
Daniel you are in chuck Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha
Hzayne Downer
Hzayne Downer 9 dager siden
Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha don lol
Hzayne Downer
Hzayne Downer 9 dager siden
Not don
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark 9 dager siden
They pranked you
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark 9 dager siden
By the way I'm sydnie
lamar sayegh
lamar sayegh 9 dager siden
I know that somebody's gonna catch Mario inside the gaming room
rebecca zamolo  fan
rebecca zamolo fan 9 dager siden
Maddie and Daniel was there and being sus
Doreen Chua
Doreen Chua 9 dager siden
Summer Dorotik
Summer Dorotik 9 dager siden
Love you Rebecca
Akuma 10 dager siden
When you’re feeding Matt and Matt was trying to kiss you that’s so Disgusting
Happy birthday 🎂🎁
Black jack and franky have a dayt
Happy birthday 🎂🎁
Hi am Hayli I am a big fan
Elias Dominguez
Elias Dominguez 10 dager siden
hi dom
Pam C
Pam C 10 dager siden
Fieke 🦄
Sebastian Uribe
Sebastian Uribe 11 dager siden
Sebastian Uribe
Sebastian Uribe 11 dager siden
Imara Smith
Imara Smith 11 dager siden
sofie prank you by laving you win you got in the poll.
Imara Smith
Imara Smith 11 dager siden
love you
Anju Chaudhari
Anju Chaudhari 11 dager siden
Keith Kozina
Keith Kozina 11 dager siden
kimberlyperezjohn 11 dager siden
That was bad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
madelyn Peters
madelyn Peters 11 dager siden
Sofie dossi and Dom left okay they planned this they plan to leave right after this it was very funny but they did not see it
hi! its me
hi! its me 12 dager siden
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones 12 dager siden
What ghost apps do you have
Millennium Properties 360
Uhhh... Great?
Devonte Powell
Devonte Powell 12 dager siden
Last to stop kissing
Lily Aguero
Lily Aguero 12 dager siden
Lily Aguero
Lily Aguero 12 dager siden
Laurie Trevino
Laurie Trevino 12 dager siden
M M 12 dager siden
M M 12 dager siden
Channing Bros
Channing Bros 13 dager siden
Tiffany Chou
Tiffany Chou 13 dager siden
I can say wow 3 times I will say it’s now wow wow wow
Aman Sidhu
Aman Sidhu 13 dager siden
HiHi it’s me FaceTime meeting you Rebecca I have a secret but don’t tell Matt or Maddie OK bye out of this tomorrow OK and I hope you remember and send me back bye
Jeeto Devi
Jeeto Devi 13 dager siden
Rosleen Bibi
Rosleen Bibi 14 dager siden
You guys rock
Maryam Almazrouei
Maryam Almazrouei 14 dager siden
Hi rebecca I dare matt to be nice to everyone for 24hours
MadHatter Chatter
MadHatter Chatter 15 dager siden
Kelly Molnar
Kelly Molnar 16 dager siden
You guys are so cool
Jamie Shaudvitis
Jamie Shaudvitis 17 dager siden
Matt got whenever someone touches their Harry has to say I want a baby The other girl you tuber with the with the other boy everything no time someone says question after due to splits
MONIQUE JIMENEZ 17 dager siden
yes redacca
rlou Isidoro
rlou Isidoro 17 dager siden
Rebecca prank matt it's going to be so funny🤣😂
Kay'Lah Conyers
Kay'Lah Conyers 17 dager siden
Yes I do
Aubrey Mercado
Aubrey Mercado 18 dager siden
Yes yes
Sharon Matz
Sharon Matz 19 dager siden
Show us Daniel
Sharon Matz
Sharon Matz 19 dager siden
Maddie's doing something weird up in the gaming room
Zoe Beatriz
Zoe Beatriz 20 dager siden
Lee 20 dager siden
Kiss 💋
Darcy Beard
Darcy Beard 20 dager siden
They left
Ruby Walters
Ruby Walters 20 dager siden
Mansoorah Ali
Mansoorah Ali 21 dag siden
Sanimaiya chettri
Sanimaiya chettri 21 dag siden
Perez Smith-Asante
Perez Smith-Asante 21 dag siden
They left
•Jelly_bean• 21 dag siden
can i get a shout out plz🌹
Barrirah Abrar
Barrirah Abrar 22 dager siden
I am not wrong rebecca
Barrirah Abrar
Barrirah Abrar 22 dager siden
Sofia and dom has a crush on each other
Roman Buenrostro
Roman Buenrostro 22 dager siden
Sit back if u wot feel qeen
Ava Puckett
Ava Puckett 22 dager siden
Yeah there about to kiss.
Tracy Aubert
Tracy Aubert 22 dager siden
Ax a an
Rohey Sowe
Rohey Sowe 22 dager siden
Pretty bad
Aydenns toys
Aydenns toys 22 dager siden
Angie Pearson
Angie Pearson 22 dager siden
bugging,h nvnnvn
James Pascoe
James Pascoe 23 dager siden
Sophia Ifill
Sophia Ifill 23 dager siden
It was so embarrassing when attempting farted