I Got Proposed to on a Unicorn for Prom! - Rebecca Zamolo 

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This was shocking when it happened with that unicorn. First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Giant hacker wedding for evil Daniel - he instantly regrets it." Next Matt and Rebecca created "Crashing evil Daniel's wedding to save best friends." Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying yes to evil Daniel for 24 hours challenge." Now we were surprised by J15 magazine that we get a giant diy prom at our house this week. Matt decides to show all of the guys how to give a promposal. It needs to be giant. Matt doesn't really try hard and Rebecca instantly regrets it. Maddie uses a dating app and looks for a match. 3 boys show up at the house that might be a date for Maddie and possibly a new crush. Daniel is trying to get RZ twin to go with him by using minecraft. Who do you think will have the best proposal? Rebecca gets a bunch of surprise gifts from a mystery person. Who could it be and who brought a unicorn in our backyard? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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28. april. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Måned siden
Who should Maddie take to prom? SUBSCRIBE if you're excited for our Prom!
jdbrllc18 Mejia
jdbrllc18 Mejia 27 dager siden
Rebecca I watch your Videos But sometimes I don't And sometimes I do I subscribe to your channel
Zaiya Rudder
Zaiya Rudder Måned siden
michelle halpin
michelle halpin Måned siden
Mario kart
Mario kart Måned siden
You crazy woman
Diego Regalado
Diego Regalado Måned siden
No dateing like matt said
Anaya Feroz
Anaya Feroz 56 minutter siden
John is actually midnight strom
Houyem Lazzem
Houyem Lazzem 13 timer siden
Izabella Case
Izabella Case 16 timer siden
Somebody was in the back of the kitchen
Leia Burke
Leia Burke 20 timer siden
Lauren Hooten-Smith
I don’t want you to do that it’s like you know what is the status and then and then can make a pizza go out did he say when you make one people you should do a video so I am going simulator like all of the people that you and your video and I watch your videos are you scribe every single video I watch
Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan Dag siden
Are unicorn
Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan Dag siden
Go to prom with Matt
Cassandra Hardesty
I did
Sheila Reyes
Sheila Reyes Dag siden
Hi Rebecca and Matt I would love if you guys adoupted me you guys are amazing I would love to come over but no nuchugs Matt love gianna
Ayu Paudel
Ayu Paudel Dag siden
Kimberly Lohman
Kimberly Lohman Dag siden
Laura Bright
Laura Bright Dag siden
Todd is sus very sus
Falk Brauer
Falk Brauer 2 dager siden
go up
luis collazo
luis collazo 2 dager siden
Betty CruzSalinas
Betty CruzSalinas 2 dager siden
Adriana Ramirez
Adriana Ramirez 2 dager siden
Love your merch
Sandra Gidari
Sandra Gidari 2 dager siden
Julyianne Mer Soriano
Julyianne Mer Soriano 2 dager siden
No please po Don’t Do you John po
Gameingwith_EverJ YT
Gameingwith_EverJ YT 2 dager siden
Spare phone
Spare phone 3 dager siden
John Rebecca X is a jut D
Lisa McDermott
Lisa McDermott 4 dager siden
Julie Smith
Julie Smith 4 dager siden
Karate and she puts Trooper Boys in her room
Feza fey
Feza fey 4 dager siden
OoooooooooooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo9o Powerpuff girls I'm a really big fan
April Gonzalez
April Gonzalez 4 dager siden
What is a icon
Amber Skinner
Amber Skinner 4 dager siden
Hey Rebecca love you 😽
Disney Princess
Disney Princess 4 dager siden
I want you to explore up there
Tiana T
Tiana T 5 dager siden
Check up there I heard it too
tracey arrand
tracey arrand 5 dager siden
Phillip Mealler
Phillip Mealler 5 dager siden
Go up and explore
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 5 dager siden
Unicorn 🦄
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 5 dager siden
Not yet
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer 5 dager siden
Marco Duran
Marco Duran 6 dager siden
Marco Duran
Marco Duran 6 dager siden
victor ochoa
victor ochoa 6 dager siden
I love unicorns
Ashlyne George
Ashlyne George 6 dager siden
Sunila Wilfred
Sunila Wilfred 6 dager siden
Rebecca's ex boyfriend is in disguise as agent d
Damien Farrell
Damien Farrell 7 dager siden
Can you go up there
liliana mungia
liliana mungia 7 dager siden
ok okkkk ik im not the only one who thought rick noah was talking about maddie-
Amy Lopez
Amy Lopez 7 dager siden
I feel bad for matt
Liam Berrill
Liam Berrill 7 dager siden
Makenzie Filzek
Makenzie Filzek 7 dager siden
The ghost said come up come up you’ll see me
cindy selma
cindy selma 7 dager siden
Hayley James
Hayley James 7 dager siden
I think you should see that that noise whas
Hayley James
Hayley James 7 dager siden
The younacorn is rily cute but I do not won’t to go to prom whith him
Ely Cartagena
Ely Cartagena 7 dager siden
Go explore up there i here it to
AR TBC 7 dager siden
jj. Kelvin Smith#28
AR TBC 7 dager siden
Ashley Gallagher
Ashley Gallagher 7 dager siden
Noooooooo Rebecca
Shajarah 8 dager siden
John is agent D
Abril Hernandez
Abril Hernandez 8 dager siden
I would Rebecca
Adri Duque
Adri Duque 8 dager siden
RC twin evil or not
Layla Warnaby
Layla Warnaby 8 dager siden
You should go up there and explore
Ruby S
Ruby S 7 dager siden
She have now
L T 8 dager siden
Millie Whittlestone
Millie Whittlestone 9 dager siden
Rebecer I love your vids
LIEW GUAN XIAN Moe 9 dager siden
I think she go to prom with rob bi rob
Shontae Lane
Shontae Lane 9 dager siden
Rebecca Matt Wright you should go with prom with him he's your husband you're posed to if you go with a different guy you will be cheating😞
Addie Mae Pace
Addie Mae Pace 9 dager siden
Maddie was hiding something behind her
Kailah Velazquez
Kailah Velazquez 9 dager siden
That’s John wick Ano Kool-Aid glasses gray sunglasses I saw this like a lot of times
melissa blake
melissa blake 10 dager siden
Who is rick Noah going to take
melissa blake
melissa blake 10 dager siden
zolymar pagan
zolymar pagan 10 dager siden
Jailah Riley
Jailah Riley 10 dager siden
Dogs for because I’m we’re scared
Iria Ferreira
Iria Ferreira 10 dager siden
The guy that you talk to it sounded like Mr nice guy
Orlando Negron
Orlando Negron 11 dager siden
Zara Ahmed
Zara Ahmed 11 dager siden
The one with the green shirt is called Steve
Pen Bourne
Pen Bourne 11 dager siden
Todd is an RHS
Tawana Doma
Tawana Doma 11 dager siden
Rick Noah us a robot
Jonathan Milligton
Jonathan Milligton 12 dager siden
We love you and we love your channels
Jonathan Milligton
Jonathan Milligton 12 dager siden
I love your channel
Lea Quin
Lea Quin 12 dager siden
Phoenix 🦄🌺🌈❤🧚‍♀️hi it was cool and a big fan
Robert White
Robert White 12 dager siden
That is Agent D
Heather Housman
Heather Housman 12 dager siden
I will not tell maddie
rqsepetqls 13 dager siden
Todd is agent D
Dwayne Roberts
Dwayne Roberts 13 dager siden
no downt cxplore
Asmaa Kamel
Asmaa Kamel 14 dager siden
I want you to explore in your closet
Godzilla Dion
Godzilla Dion 14 dager siden
Rascal Hoveround
Rascal Hoveround 14 dager siden
Mode Gonzalez
Mode Gonzalez 14 dager siden
Rebeca i saw a red guy outside of the window
Shala Carr
Shala Carr 14 dager siden
go up there pleasee give me a shout out im your biggest fan
Denise Airrah Baldemor
Denise Airrah Baldemor 15 dager siden
I dont like jon your ex boy fend😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Zipy YT
Zipy YT 16 dager siden
Omg I heard alratie 3 caleb names
Neepa Chudasama
Neepa Chudasama 16 dager siden
I saw a RHS. When you were looking for maddies crush
coli9281 coli9281
coli9281 coli9281 16 dager siden
forgiv him
Mavis ✔️
Mavis ✔️ 16 dager siden
He sus 22:20
Jeancarlos Vasquez
Jeancarlos Vasquez 17 dager siden
Anaiyah Ritte
Anaiyah Ritte 18 dager siden
Wow so mean
Vanessa H
Vanessa H 18 dager siden
Explore the closet now
Monique Mottler
Monique Mottler 18 dager siden
Emma Rhodes
Emma Rhodes 18 dager siden
Rebecca you need to go see what is up there
sweetsnbooksnradio4 18 dager siden
Prom Queen
Arki Passah
Arki Passah 18 dager siden
ANIKA INDU 19 dager siden
Thats him Todd remember from the ghost hunting named evilyn
ANIKA INDU 19 dager siden
Todd hmm wait i know the name Todd remember the ghost named evilyn when you guys were catching the ghost there was a guy named Todd remember
Jack Briggs
Jack Briggs 19 dager siden
Is name is Chris
Kamilah West
Kamilah West 19 dager siden
I’m going to subscribe to all your videos because I just got to comment subscribe and like so I would like all your videos love you Rebecca.
Kamilah West
Kamilah West 19 dager siden
That is not really your ex that is someone working for the kingpin so they can get more information
AURORA - Runaway
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