Being Mean to My Best Friend for 24 Hours and Surprising Her with a Dream Vacation! 

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Rebecca Zamolo is mean to her cousin and instantly regrets it. First Rebecca Zamolo created “We hired a real ghost hunter to investigate my haunted house.” Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded “We trapped the evil ghost Evelyn living in our house!” Finally the Game Master Network made “Maddie finally reveals her secret, instantly regrets it.” Now Rebecca wants to surprise her cousin. Maddie is in school and always had a dream about going on a giant vacation. Rebecca rented a private jet and a presidential suite on a private beach. But before that Rebecca and Matt will be mean to Maddie for 24 hours straight. If she can survive this challenge then she can go on her dream vacation. It will get extreme when they make her so mad. Do you think Maddie will survive this challenge?
Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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14. april. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Måned siden
SUBSCRIBE if you want me to set Maddie up on a date with her real CRUSH!
Naomi Adams
Naomi Adams Måned siden
Haha that is so funny
Fely Ballerda
Fely Ballerda Måned siden
hi im a big fan of you💗
Laoise McGowan
Laoise McGowan Måned siden
Anyelin Ochoarubio
Anyelin Ochoarubio Måned siden
Khyla Williams
Khyla Williams Måned siden
Yes do it
Noha Farag
Noha Farag 2 timer siden
You can do you could get them you can like get them some nice cookies and hot chocolate get some Dunkin doughnuts and I’ll let you stay but anyways they’re going to do a surprise vacation
Sivaprasad Nair
Sivaprasad Nair 2 timer siden
You are mean rebecca
DFGN XFGN 3 timer siden
Leanke Smit
Leanke Smit 4 timer siden
I likyorvid Eosloveleanke
Lilyana sales
Lilyana sales 7 timer siden
I am a big fan of you
Greg Seligman
Greg Seligman 8 timer siden
Surprising Maddie
Bella Freihat
Bella Freihat 8 timer siden
Maddie prank
Ruffy Meneses
Ruffy Meneses 8 timer siden
Ruffy Meneses
Ruffy Meneses 8 timer siden
Courter come visit
Ryder Eldridge
Ryder Eldridge 9 timer siden
Amelia and Noah’s Adventures
That was not nice 👎🏽😠
Brielle Oleson
Brielle Oleson 9 timer siden
I feel bad for maddie
Briana Antonio
Briana Antonio 12 timer siden
So crazy because where they went I live there like literally like I'm not in the hotel but looks like the same place where I live like it looks similar except for the front doorway but it's still the similar like we have our own private jet it's so cool
Jessica Modeen
Jessica Modeen 13 timer siden
Rebecca Maddie put Nutella on your shorts
Roberto Rocha
Roberto Rocha 13 timer siden
It's a rhg
Monse Cruz
Monse Cruz 14 timer siden
Poppy Dukey Poop
Poppy Dukey Poop 19 timer siden
Surprising Maddie
Copyright Chloe
Copyright Chloe 19 timer siden
U had choco on ur pants!!
witold bak
witold bak 20 timer siden
That’s so so mean😭😢🥺
Mea Bole
Mea Bole 20 timer siden
Surprising Maddie
Avery Incognito
Avery Incognito 22 timer siden
I am going to lego land
Joanne Conway
Joanne Conway Dag siden
I just have this question has Halle on the tube and then she pretended that you need his help but actually like what are you doing
Joanne Conway
Joanne Conway Dag siden
My name is calle rubi Skye and my brothers name is Thomas
Jack Perry
Jack Perry Dag siden
I saw somebody with a weird word yes I did😰😰😰
Cassandra Rinehart
Ana Not number three
Invite Connor for a month one month
Fiona Elder
Fiona Elder Dag siden
Don’t be mean
Julie Davis
Julie Davis Dag siden
Coner come visit
Aileen Hernandez
Carter come visit
Jayna Patel
Jayna Patel Dag siden
Maddie needs allocation to stay different days and days
Rahul Bhatia
Rahul Bhatia Dag siden
Surprising maddie
Deborah Pohl
Deborah Pohl Dag siden
Connor come visit.
Bella L
Bella L Dag siden
I think You should Stop being Mean to Maddy
Bella L
Bella L Dag siden
You're I mean Maddy's Crush is Ben azla
Chloe Diaz
Chloe Diaz Dag siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭rebbeca. I
Annria Kavoo
Annria Kavoo Dag siden
i know who is her curch
livescore Chaw
livescore Chaw Dag siden
I don't like what you are you doing that is so mean
Tracy Morrissey
Tracy Morrissey Dag siden
Is it Ben
Melody So
Melody So Dag siden
I song Mary in their
Heather Schnittker
Maddie kiss frogs right at this second
Rashad Mehyar
Rashad Mehyar 2 dager siden
Conner come visit
veda's fun time
veda's fun time 2 dager siden
Matt math! OMG
R6 Clips
R6 Clips 2 dager siden
Kaylee Nguyen (Student)
And scgaef gym had great hug go hr
Carmen Villanueva
Carmen Villanueva 2 dager siden
I know Maddie’s crush it is Ben Azler
Hailey Zemeckis
Hailey Zemeckis 2 dager siden
That's not her best friend that's her cousin
Ava Negrelli
Ava Negrelli 2 dager siden
its ben azlerts
Latoya Mhaka
Latoya Mhaka 3 dager siden
Connor Come Visit
Bhumika Patidar
Bhumika Patidar 3 dager siden
Connor come visit
Shantel Breytenbach
Shantel Breytenbach 3 dager siden
Not nice you are not my favorite NOsections
Claudia Law
Claudia Law 3 dager siden
Okay Rebecca
Maria Street
Maria Street 3 dager siden
I feel so bad for Maddie she's so upset
Shajarah 3 dager siden
There was an rhs so rebecca got scared.
Shajarah 3 dager siden
' Conner come visit '
Roel Garcia
Roel Garcia 3 dager siden
I think its ben
Esmeralda Díaz
Esmeralda Díaz 3 dager siden
I love you rebecca
Margo Tynan
Margo Tynan 3 dager siden
Conor be like I want a dream vacation Rebecca be like oh ok...
Jessica Climaco
Jessica Climaco 3 dager siden
Jana Elhichri
Jana Elhichri 3 dager siden
surprising maddie
Poptime Lollypop
Poptime Lollypop 3 dager siden
Coner come back🤗
Icesis Lucas
Icesis Lucas 3 dager siden
Icesis Lucas
Icesis Lucas 3 dager siden
Rebecca and made tuke your poners
bnk 3 dager siden
supriseing maddie
Chandy Thomas
Chandy Thomas 3 dager siden
Conner come visit
GAMING WITH TL 4 dager siden
Sus sus
GAMING WITH TL 4 dager siden
UNIGIRL PLAYS 4 dager siden
Hey reb can I know Maddie secret
Tiffany Swift
Tiffany Swift 4 dager siden
I was just sipping my coffee while watching this and then I just spit it out because one use said that she's not the this at doing take talks with als light ha ☕😠
J'Naiya Durham
J'Naiya Durham 4 dager siden
Rebecca this video is so funny I really like your videos I love you thank you for every video but I think by think you’re being too mean to her right now but you got over it
Nathaniel B
Nathaniel B 4 dager siden
Rebecca Maddie something mad she put Nutella on the seat now she record you and put you on social media
Anime Truong
Anime Truong 4 dager siden
i feel so bad
Elianid Torres
Elianid Torres 4 dager siden
Surprising Maddie
1stevenross 4 dager siden
Dewi Yayan
Dewi Yayan 4 dager siden
Mommei Wheh
Mommei Wheh 5 dager siden
precious slocum
precious slocum 5 dager siden
I'm a big fan
Alison Rainford
Alison Rainford 5 dager siden
Apekr rochyoavideeoasluf josielea
Scarlet Marien
Scarlet Marien 5 dager siden
Surprising maddie
Deryck Kattick
Deryck Kattick 5 dager siden
Come come
Eileen Sadler
Eileen Sadler 5 dager siden
Christie Smith
Christie Smith 5 dager siden
Maddie Deserve this vacation❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️📒📕📗📘📔📙📚📖📝✏️
Jessica Dyess
Jessica Dyess 5 dager siden
Ellen Schmitt
Ellen Schmitt 5 dager siden
I feel so for maddie
Ellen Schmitt
Ellen Schmitt 5 dager siden
I saw u maddie
Mango Squad
Mango Squad 6 dager siden
Not page in the back taking pictures
Debra Couturier
Debra Couturier 6 dager siden
Matt Maddie I meant Rebecca Maddie is playing and you and Maddie they have a huge surprise for you and Matt
Alayah Collins
Alayah Collins 6 dager siden
Maddie you deserved the vacation
Jamie Alexandre
Jamie Alexandre 6 dager siden
Surprising Maddie
Tablet Acc
Tablet Acc 6 dager siden
Rebecca I don't think Maddie is your friend anymore 😆😭
Choco Pie
Choco Pie 6 dager siden
I feel so bad for Maddie look she even buy coffe for Rebecca I should thank Maddie feel so bad now
Dere Sophia
Dere Sophia 6 dager siden
Rebecca Matt was throwing Maddie's clothes in the pool
Dere Sophia
Dere Sophia 6 dager siden
No mat
Annabelle 6 dager siden
I feel happy for maddy now
Annabelle 6 dager siden
I feel sorry for maddy
Gurpreet Panesar
Gurpreet Panesar 7 dager siden
I know Maddie's Crush
Rosie Roses
Rosie Roses 7 dager siden
Yum candy
Rosie Roses
Rosie Roses 7 dager siden
I love Maddy and Rebecca and Matt❤️🥰🌸😍😀😃😁😆☺️👩🏼‍🍳👸🤴🏻
Rosie Roses
Rosie Roses 7 dager siden
How do you spell mean
Simon Pickwell
Simon Pickwell 7 dager siden
Rebbeca dress up as here crush and prank here
I Customized A School
Ganger 18 mill