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Rebecca finds an epic hidden dollhouse in her room. First Rebecca Zamolo uploaded "Saying yes to Abby Lee for 24 hours in a dance moms challenge." Next Matt and Rebecca created "We opened a haunted mystery box at 3am in a last to fall asleep wins challenge." Finally the Game Master Network made "Bubble gum blowing challenge." Now Rebecca has a secret she has been hiding and her cousin Maddie is about to discover it. When Rebecca reveals there is a secret hidden dollhouse in her closet it is surprising for Maddie. First they have to go through 100 layers of wrapping paper but once inside it is magical. The boys vs girls challenge heats up when Matt goes on a wild goose chase to find the missing mystery box in the park. Daniel is sad because he is reminded of his crush and ex who happens to be Rebecca's twin. Will Rebecca be able to survive being trapped in the dollhouse for 24 hours or will Daniel and Matt save the day? Do you think we can trust Rebecca or Maddie? Someone is sus. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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29. mai. 2021





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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo 14 dager siden
Is this what you thought was up there... SUBSCRIBE if you're team ZAMFAM!
Briana Baker
Briana Baker 14 dager siden
I am team zamfam
Laney Welch
Laney Welch 14 dager siden
Maybe that she is
Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson 14 dager siden
Camila Reyes
Camila Reyes 14 dager siden
I think the black mask is the one maddie used
Imtaiz Bashir
Imtaiz Bashir 14 dager siden
Love you
Najma Naz
Najma Naz 5 minutter siden
I wish I had that pink dollhouse
Stacey Kemp
Stacey Kemp 3 timer siden
Rebecca is right cause you know what she doesn't like pink gloves you Rebecca no I mean Maddie cause she doesn't like painting ink and I think it's easy easy it is it's 8th either if she read that last in the prom she said remember what Rebecca was it was who wasn't you Rebecca I was right now I was ripped nowhere frip Noah with Nova wasn't it Well said she's fun I like the prom cause I think your ex boyfriend was beat as match OK Rebecca!!!!!!
Renee Wood
Renee Wood 4 timer siden
Dial Haskell
Renee Wood
Renee Wood 4 timer siden
Renee Wood
Renee Wood 4 timer siden
cristela gaming Gines
cristela gaming Gines 4 timer siden
Rbeku I now you didn't do the dolhas
indi ashen
indi ashen 5 timer siden
Charles Ferguson
Charles Ferguson 6 timer siden
Stephy Williams
Stephy Williams 7 timer siden
Doll house squad
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan 9 timer siden
Rebecca is telling us the truth
adriana ayala
adriana ayala 10 timer siden
✌️ hi I'm your favorite I really love your videos
Debbie Loftsgard
Debbie Loftsgard 10 timer siden
I love you so much
Ianny Pori
Ianny Pori 11 timer siden
Dollhouse club
Pup Academy Soto
Pup Academy Soto 12 timer siden
Elsa Martinez
Elsa Martinez 12 timer siden
Melvin Goulding
Melvin Goulding 13 timer siden
I am a big fan of you
Butterflies channel
Butterflies channel 13 timer siden
Maybe The game master built the doll House
Lulu lovers 1
Lulu lovers 1 13 timer siden
I haven’t seen this TickTock
Cary Lawrence
Cary Lawrence 14 timer siden
Maddy Rebecca did not make it
Cary Lawrence
Cary Lawrence 14 timer siden
Umm that's not slime 😂 that is jello
Kynlee 14 timer siden
So uhhh there’s cameras in the dollhouse but I’m just wondering who edits the vids...because if Rebecca did she should know there were cameras
Petunia's Rockin' Fun Time
Rebecca didn’t build a dollhouse Maddie even I agree with Rebecca
Petunia's Rockin' Fun Time
Do you Think Evelyn made the doll house
Katherine Bublik
Katherine Bublik 15 timer siden
Dollhouse squad
I can only imagine imagine
I love 💝😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝💝😘 sent from my Android phone 📱 you 💛
Kingkoopa6997 16 timer siden
There was some one else in the room with you guys
Doron Khan
Doron Khan 17 timer siden
Evil in built it
cupcakemj mcnett
cupcakemj mcnett 17 timer siden
Reecca if you don't tell the truth then madde will put fire ants in your pants
Val Fast
Val Fast 18 timer siden
It has a camera
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams 18 timer siden
Dollhouse squad
Shari Schneider
Shari Schneider 18 timer siden
Eva is evalin because Eva is part of evalin
Carely Rojas
Carely Rojas 19 timer siden
Michelle Kern
Michelle Kern 20 timer siden
You are so cool
Trudy S
Trudy S 21 time siden
yang richard
yang richard 22 timer siden
The Queen of gems had a doll house. She also loves candy
Dave Reed
Dave Reed Dag siden
The mask was rick Noah’s girlfriends mask from the prom video
Kate McMullen
Kate McMullen Dag siden
I think kingpin did it
Mea Bole
Mea Bole Dag siden
Doll house sqad
Roudha Al jattal
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Dag siden
Maddison Newman
Maddison Newman Dag siden
Whos recording
Esther Bodine
Esther Bodine Dag siden
We have one of your books we got it at womert Stephanie and sheyanne
Jessly5t Rodríguez
Keyly Rodriguez
Keyly Rodriguez Dag siden
arsi tinw billd the tanni hous
Bonnie Dexheimer
Tiki tok,!
Ruby Archer
Ruby Archer Dag siden
Ruby Archer
Ruby Archer Dag siden
Lucky, Who do you think did that
Andrea mejia
Andrea mejia Dag siden
Rebbeca some one was watching you when you got Goose bumps
Little_bunny Dag siden
Future me was it worth it???
Lexi_bug29 Dag siden
Rebecca did not build
Sadie Price
Sadie Price Dag siden
Soon may the wellerman
Cole Chiori
Cole Chiori Dag siden
Dollhouse squad
Wendy Louise Smith
I love you madey
Erin Sanders
Erin Sanders Dag siden
You're so nice Rebecca I love your videos too and Maddie's crazy thinking that you built this
Kacey Koo
Kacey Koo Dag siden
Love your videos
Jayden Allee
Jayden Allee Dag siden
Hi Rebecca and Matt it’s me Jayden with the red people come
It’s cookie world seek
Dollhouse squad
Addison Gill
Addison Gill Dag siden
I believe Rebecca
Addison Gill
Addison Gill Dag siden
Some one is watching you on a camera
sha Warren
sha Warren Dag siden
Wake the queen of Jim's built it when she ran away
Sabrina Merli
Sabrina Merli Dag siden
I no
Sabrina Merli
Sabrina Merli Dag siden
Sabrina Merli
Sabrina Merli Dag siden
AJ X2J 2 dager siden
Rebecca? ??
Layla Wright
Layla Wright 2 dager siden
Game master
“I’m just normal”
Alex 1 Owo OwO
Alex 1 Owo OwO 2 dager siden
Hi what's up how are you doing I love it
Cynthia Lulu
Cynthia Lulu 2 dager siden
My favorite NOsectionsrs is Rebecca Zamolo
Nahiara Fernandez
Nahiara Fernandez 2 dager siden
Doll house squad
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly Girl 2 dager siden
In that video Eve said something along the lines of the other body that I was in was too manly
hs kapoor
hs kapoor 2 dager siden
Rick norer
raul hernandez
raul hernandez 2 dager siden
Dollhouse Squad
Naya,Kareem and Jwana challenges
The queen of gems made the doll house
Kenneth Bolton
Kenneth Bolton 2 dager siden
Maddie I like u and all but I promise becca didn't build it
Natasha Vogin
Natasha Vogin 2 dager siden
Dollhouse squad!!!!
Lehi Ortega
Lehi Ortega 2 dager siden
I saw a hand😱😱😱
Makeda R
Makeda R 2 dager siden
Chloe Flatt
Chloe Flatt 2 dager siden
Omg Rebecca in moments of the video the game master was showing his hand and he had the camera
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell 2 dager siden
Rebecca is. not. living.
Legakwa Katholo
Legakwa Katholo 2 dager siden
Eve wore the mask. A.k.a Evilyn
LIM JIA YING Moe 2 dager siden
The Mcewen Fam
The Mcewen Fam 2 dager siden
I know hew made the doll house and it’s not the game master
The Mcewen Fam
The Mcewen Fam 2 dager siden
Doll house squad
Bianca Curtis
Bianca Curtis 2 dager siden
If Matt Daniel and matty does not believe you about the noises in your closet tell them to watch the video coss we hear it
Imelda Rios
Imelda Rios 2 dager siden
The person that had that mask was rickshaws date.
Gurjit Singh
Gurjit Singh 2 dager siden
Rebecca can I please get the game is the book I couldn’t get it because it was a little bit expensive or can you send it because it was too expensive and the year and you’re the only one that has it now I don’t and your only one that has it and I me and my sister wants the T-shirt to the Rebecca Zamolo one those two things for too expensive can you please send them to me
Ashna Abodi
Ashna Abodi 2 dager siden
Rz twoen
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen 2 dager siden
Dollhouse sqaude
Victoria Albright
Victoria Albright 2 dager siden
Omg i love you so much and am your fan
isaac30 3 dager siden
It was the prom
Alessa Meeuwsen
Alessa Meeuwsen 3 dager siden
Rebecca King pen did it!!!!!!!
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams 3 dager siden
M X bilt it
Ally McParland
Ally McParland 3 dager siden
doll house squad
Sohail Ghaffar
Sohail Ghaffar 3 dager siden
Doll house
Sohail Ghaffar
Sohail Ghaffar 3 dager siden
Doll house
Stacy Harris
Stacy Harris 3 dager siden
A lot sticking
Alondra Mora
Alondra Mora 3 dager siden
Dollhouse squad
Ellie Krieg
Ellie Krieg 3 dager siden
I love you Rebecca
Kefira Dunn
Kefira Dunn 3 dager siden
This is a very cool video and my favorite color is pink to
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